4 days in and around AmsterdamIMG_20180711_132814

Amsterdam, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t get excited on hearing this word and does not dream of going and partying there. Probably most would just keep a couple of days there, party and then head out to cover more countries? I chose to stay there for 4 days and I still felt it was very less. Here is my list of what to do in and around Amsterdam for 4 days:

  1. Museums: There is no dearth of art and history in Europe and Amsterdam is no different. There are some amazing museums, so chose which ones excite you the most. I visited Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh and loved them both. The tickets were around 18 Euros each when purchased online. You can go there and buy as well.
  2. Anne Frank House: The tickets for this are only available online and get sold out pretty early. I could not see it because of it was all booked so if your plans are finalized well in advance make sure to purchase the tickets online.
  3. Heineken Experience: This is a tour of the first ever brewery of Heineken. You can learn about the history of the company, the brewing process, play few games, get photos and videos at fun photo booths and get 2 beers in the end! I enjoyed it. After an online discount, it costed me 16.2 bucks.
  4. Red light district area: This is the busy and hep area of Amsterdam. Catch a beer, go partying or just roam around the streets. It also has alleys with over 300 cabins offering sexual services. DO NOT take pictures 😛
  5. Coffee shops: Coffee shop is not where you go to get coffee in Amsterdam. For coffee go to a cafe. For a wide variety of marijuana go here. Bulldog is a famous one. They will check your id at the entrance.
  6. Cycling: Even though I had heard and was aware that everyone cycles here, it was still pretty amazing to see it. People dressed in business attires, kids, old people everyone is on bikes. And they’re pretty serious about it so don’t come into their lanes or you’ll surely be hit! Rent a bike and roam around the city, it will be an awesome way to explore the city apart from walking.IMG_20180712_162052
  7. Vondelpark: Pack your lunch and head to Vondelpark. It’s right next to the Rijks and Van Gogh museums, so you can rest and soak up the son after the tiring tours.

Visit other towns in Netherlands

  • Marken – this is a small island about 25 Km from Amsterdam. I went cycling from Amsterdam and this was the best day of my trip. The route is blissful. The island has a few restaurants and one light house where you can relax.IMG_20180712_181615
  • Windmills at Zaanse Schans – You can not visit Holland and not see windmills. If you have less time you can visit Zaanse Schans. It’s a cute little town and can be done in 6-10 hours
    • Take a tour of any working windmill. If you are lucky and there’s wind you can see stuff in action otherwise you can just roam around.IMG_20180713_150959.jpg
    • Taste and buy cheese at the cheese farm.IMG_20180713_161856
    • Try on or buy some wooden clogs. They also show demo on how these are made. Don’t forget to get a picture with the big clogs outside the museum.IMG_20180713_145532
    • Have hot chocolate at the awesome cocoa factory! You have to make your cup yourself ❤

Some other towns that I researched but could not visit. You can check them out

  • Kinderdijk – This is a village in Netherlands about 2 hours from Amsterdam. It is said to be a better place to visit for seeing the windmills as more of them are still functional. You can rent a bike upon reaching there and tour the windmills.
  • Texel Island – Plan in advance cos you have to leave early. Take a train till Den Helder and then take ferry to the island. It’s not very popular among tourists so get good information before you leave.
  • Gouda- the birthplace of Gouda cheese!

I would highly recommend to spend a good amount of time in the country, just soak in the vibe, the culture, the food. Happy travelling 🙂IMG_20180710_201409.jpg


Go Crazy in Gokarna!

Gokarna is one of the rare places which is popular but still not swamped with tourists and commercial restaurant/hotel chains yet. There are a couple of beaches which see the maximum crowd, and then there are others which are as good as a private beach. So ditch spending all your time at the famous Om beach and do these ‘hatke‘(different) things instead!1

What to do

  1. The beach trek: Go walking on the beach trail! You can follow the route: Gokarna beach -> Kudle beach -> Om beach -> Half-moon beach -> Paradise* beach. Have a beer at each beach or soak the sun and move on to the next one. Alternatively, the first three beaches are reachable by road and you can trek the half-moon & Paradise only. Catch the sunset at Paradise. If you don’t mind trekking in the dark you can walk back or you will be able to get a boat back to Om or Kudle.
  2. Phytoplankton at the Paradise beach: On a no or small moon night, head on for a night trek to the Paradise beach. You will be welcomed by glowing small lights once you touch the water at the beach. Since you won’t know the routes well and you have to pass through a village late at night, I would recommend going with a group and with someone who knows their way. Zostel staff organizes this trek and they take care of the transport from Zostel to the start point of the trek as well. If the weather is good you can put up a bon fire at the beach.
  3. Vibhooti waterfalls: You will need a bike or some vehicle as these are about 40 km from Gokarna. The water is very clean and falls into a sort of infinity pool where you can chill. Make sure to carry some food and plan your time well so that you can start back before it gets dark as it takes about one and a half hours by bike from Gokarna. The route is very scenic and goes through the forest. An amazing spot specially post monsoons!2

*Paradise beach – This is the most secluded beach which is not reachable by road. Until some years ago, it used to be the mecca for hippies and supposedly there used to be all night parties and camping. Then it was evacuated and banned by the authorities, but you can still get the feel and imagine how it must have been by seeing the graffiti on the rocks etc. Though it’s not legal but some people still camp here 🙂IMG_20171021_172103_Bokeh.jpg

Tips to have the more fun!

  • Choose your stay wisely. One of the main reasons I loved Gokarna was because of my stay at Zostel. You will meet amazing people, make new friends and have a peaceful time. I didn’t try any other stay but definitely loved it here!
  • Mingle – Gokarna sure gets lots of solo travelers, especially if you are staying in Zostel or one of the other hostels. Mingle with the strangers, share stories over beer and you are bound to come back with new friends and lots of memories.
  • Train journey – If you get to go or come to Gokarna by train, you are in for the beautiful landscapes and picturesque sceneries. Gokarna to Goa, for instance goes through beautiful Western Ghats.IMG_20171023_125409
  • Eat at namaste café – I think this would be the first recommendation for anyone searching for what to do in Gokarna, and it’s worth the hype. The food here is amazing. Make sure to get the beach facing seat.IMG_20171021_183022

How to reach: There are trains from Mangalore & Goa to Gokarna station. Also buses to Hubli can drop till a nearby stop from where you need to arrange taxi or auto.

In the end, even if you don’t do anything and decide to just relax and chill Gokarna is the ideal place for that. So go, have some fun in Gokarna!IMG_20171022_131554.jpg

Rupin Pass

10 reasons to fall in love with Rupin Pass

I am sure, anyone who has done a Himalayan trek will have countless favorite moments and memories from the trek. Rupin pass was my first Himalayan trek (only one so far) with Trek the Himalayas and I absolutely fell in love with everything about it. If you have a slight inclination towards this trek and are debating whether to go or not, then apart from thousands of reasons to do this I will add 10 more which might help you make that final decision 😊

  1. Mighty Rupin River – Amidst the everchanging scenery, weather & surroundings, the Rupin river will be your constant companion throughout the trek. Sometimes becoming fierce in the flow and sometimes just showing a glimpse of itself it somehow always motivated me to keep going on. Every time I saw the river I would jump with joy and the excitement didn’t die down even till the last day. I miss it the most!
  2. The shepherds route – The pass lies on a traditional shepherd route starting from Dhaula(Uttarakhand) and ending in Sangla(Himachal Pradesh). So, you will find a lot of shepherds with their herds who might be staying alongside your campsites. You get to interact with them and know more about their lives.


  3. Different start & end points – Contrary to most of the treks, Rupin pass trek does not start and end at the same base camp. As stated earlier, it starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. This provides an opportunity to explore new places during the decent.
  4. Interacting with the locals – For the first 3 days you will be walking from one village to other and will get opportunities to stay in village houses. Apart from getting amazed at how, some of the chores for which we don’t even care put any thoughts while in cities, take so much effort and time to be done in hills, you will also find immense peace and happiness in most of the people living there. It helps gain some perspective and to appreciate small things in life.

The landscape surprises: Anyone who knows about Rupin pass is aware of the surprises in the everchanging scenery that it offers throughout the trek. Some of these views and landscape settings that are not to be missed:

  1. Meadows amidst the glacier valleys – Once you reach the upper waterfall (our campsite was right after reaching on top of the waterfall) you will be welcomed by vast area of meadows amidst glacier valleys.RP4_0817
  2. The view of upper waterfall – As per the Trek the Himalayas itinerary, our 4th night campsite was at Dhandharas thatch. It is hands down the best stay location on this trek (or for me, anywhere else too). You get the view of the upper waterfall in front which is nothing but majestic. Sleeping amidst the snow capped valleys below this waterfall will always be a cherishable memory.RP4_1012RP4_1035
  3. Pine forests – Shade of these long trees will be nothing but bliss when you are walking with the sun right on top of your head (especially if you go in summers). Walking amidst the caves of these trees will make you sing many of those Bollywood songs!RP3_142 2419m.JPG
  4. The bridge b/w Uttaranchal & Shimla – Don’t miss the border b/w Uttaranchal and HP. It is marked by a bridge with the beautiful stream flowing underneath. It comes between Sewa and Bawta on Day 2 of the trek.
  5. Snow bridges – Walking on the snow bridges was a thrilling experience. I kept remembering all those movie scenes where someone would just fall beneath the ice and freeze 😛 Luckily nothing like that happened.
  6. Cute wooden villages – The villages on the way till Jhakha are all made up of these cute little wooden houses. In Jhakha many houses are made right on the edge of the rocks, hence many tourists call it the hanging village.

These 10 points cannot cover the essence of the amazing experience that the Rupin pass trek is. Sliding on the snow, dealing with extreme cold conditions, no network for 8 days, the feeling of achievement once you reach the summit, drinking water from streams and so much more. If you are still debating, trust me & go for it!

Wayanad (Kerala)

5 things to do when wandering in Wayanad (Kerala)

GREEN (2).jpgSharing its border with the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Wayanad is a very popular destination in Southern India. In spite of the popularity, it still maintains its beauty and has not fallen prey to the commercial hush hush.

5 things to see in Wayanad

#1 Banasura Sagar Dam – Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India. It is built across the Karamanathodu tributary of the Kabini and located at the foot of Banasura Hill. Rs. 20 is the entry ticket and you have to walk up for about 1.5 km for seeing the stunning view, doing motor boating and to see a small museum. You can also get on a jeep if you don’t want to walk, although there is a proper road. The view is stunning with a reservoir on the left and mountains in the front and valley on the right. Don’t miss the motorboat ride, it’s fun!

#2 Chembra Peak/ Heart shaped lake – This is my favorite part about the Wayanad trip. The trek is a very beautiful . There is a heart shaped lake on the top and in and post monsoons the surroundings are lush green and pretty. You pay at the forest office for forest entry and a guide which is mandatory even though you might not need one. DifficultyEasy to Medium, To & fro distance – 8 km (till the heart shaped lake). So you can finish this in 4 – 5 hours. Wear comfortable clothes and carry a light jacket.

The heart shaped lake
peak 1
En route the trek
Inside the heart shaped lake. This is where we got lots of leeches 😛

#3 Eddakal caves & Karappuzha dam – The path to go up to the caves is fun, you need to climb some big rocks and very narrow paths. Once you reach up the view of the city from there is splendid. Inside the caves there are pictorial writings known to go back to Stone age. There are many stalls on the way up/down so you can have maggi, eggs, tea etc. You can go for elephant ride at the base of the caves and do some local shopping. This will take about 3-4 hours. If you have time after leaving the caves, not so far from there is the Karappuzha dam. Its a simple dam with a beautiful view, you can include this one depending on time.

Eddakal caves
View from eddakal
Elephant ride
Karapuzza dam

#4 Soochipara waterfalls – You have to walk about 2 Km from the parking area to reach the falls. During monsoons the entry to the falls is not allowed and its barricaded because of the heavy water flow but otherwise you can step in. There are a couple of restaurants and few shops to buy souvenirs and a lot of wooden stuff.SOOCHIPARA.jpg

#5 Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary – If you are not staying too far, you can visit this sanctuary and go on a safari jeep. If you are lucky you can spot elephants. Otherwise deer and wild boars.


When to travel – Post monsoons (October to February) is the best time to visit as the surroundings are lush green. But if you don’t mind getting drenched you can go in the monsoons as well. Monsoons will have relatively lesser crowd as well. Though throughout the year weather is pleasant in the district.

Stay – There are many options ranging from 500 to 20,000 depending on your interest. I have stayed in Pepper green resort and had a wonderful time. It costed around 2000 for one cottage (as of 2014).

Pepper green resorts

Transport – Calicut or Mysore are the closest airports. It has good road connectivity from Mysore, Bangalore or Calicut. Within Wayanad having a cab is needed as all the attractions are quite far from each other.

Also, it usually gets dark pretty early so try to start your day as early as possible.

Other attractions – Meenmuthy waterfalls, Kanthapara falls, Pookot lake, Banasura falls, Sulthan Bathery, Muthanga wildlife national park and many more.


Coonoor (Tamil Nadu)

Let’s get cheesy! At Acres Wild, Coonoor (Tamil Nadu)

Have a long weekend and planning a vacation to relax in Ooty? Wait. Instead, head to Coonoor. Ooty is undoubtedly a very beautiful and one of the most popular hill stations of South India. And we will have a separate post about that, but today let’s give Coonoor a chance.

Located about 20 km from Ooty, Coonoor is a small hill station in the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu state in South India.  And Acres wild is a gem in the heart of this quaint hill station. Acres wild is a farm stay run by Mr. Mansoor and Mrs. Tina Khan who aspire to build a lifestyle by having all the necessities including growing all the food organically within the farm. It is spread over 22 acres at an altitude of 6000 ft.  It gives an opportunity to experience the farm life.

Things to do in Acres Wild:

Cheese making: If you fancy different kinds of cheese then you have come to the perfect place. You can do a cheesemaking course for 2 days where you will get to learn making two kinds of cheese. The course fee is around 10,000. If you don’t have the patience or time to do the course, and want to just dig in, you can have a look in the little cheesemaking room, the process and the fancy equipment. All those different variety of cheese is also available to buy and you do not want to miss it.

One with the Wild: They have a cow shed with a couple of breeds. You can milk the cows if you like. There are chickens, roosters, beehives, fish and ducks in natural ponds. Apart from that, Gaurs roam around freely on the property too.

Apart from this they also make their own soaps and you can check out and buy those too.

They have 3 types of cottages with total 5 rooms. All the cottages are named after cheese – Haloumi, Colby and Cheddar. Meals are served in the dining room and the food is simple and has a homely taste. There are a lot of beautiful paths and trails to walk around in the farm stay. The views of the valley from various spots in the farmstay are breathtaking.

Fun fact- For all you bollywood fans out there, Mr. Mansoor was a film director and he has directed a few commercial films including Jo Jeeta Wahi siqandar!

You are bound to have a great time here and come back rejuvenated from your vacation. So do check out their site if you are planning a trip there.


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – one day road trip

It is advised not to try and cover grand canyon from Vegas or nearby in one day. Most of the people would recommend taking a night stop at canyon, watch the sunset and(or) sunrise and enjoy all the view points. I agree to the advise completely and if you have the time then you should definitely do that, especially if you are with kids. But if you don’t have the time, you don’t need to drop it off from your plan. We were in that situation and we managed to do it. It will be a long day and you will be exhausted and on road for a lot of time but its feasible.

Take care of these things and you should be good for the plan –

  1. Start early- You must plan this out. Remember it is difficult to sleep off early in Vegas and you are bound to get late 🙂 If you are reaching Vegas during evening hours it might be a good idea to plan it on the next day, cos anyways you might be tired and would like to sleep early. You should leave by 7 am to beat any traffic and get a good head start.
  2. Rental car – If you are picking up a car after coming to Vegas then it is better if you can do that on the previous night. If the cost difference is a lot then find out when do they open and schedule your pickup at the earliest. Usually the stores will open around 8 am.
  3. Carry food –Making minimum number of stops is very important. We had packed up food the previous night and carried that with us, so we didn’t have to stop much except for stretching out and bio breaks.
  4. Split the drive – The drive will take 5 – 6 hours so it is advisable to have two drivers sharing the time. It can get exhausting for a single person. Make sure you have had adequate sleep the previous night 🙂
  5. Other attractions – You will be tempted by the sign boards on the way for lake mead, hoover dam and other attractions but you have to be focused 😛 If you have decided to go with this plan then stick to it and head directly for the place.
  6. Leaving time – You should reach around lunch time. Now that you are finally here take your time to enjoy the place and soak in the beauty. The plan is tight and you are on clock but don’t forget you are on road for 12 hours to actually see this. So just fix a time by which you should start back and forget all the worry and enjoy the magnificent creation.
  7. Lunch – Once you cross the park entry gates, there is only a small shop where you can find sandwiches and other stuff. So it might be a good idea to stop at the last food and rest stop to pickup lunch and go inside and eat it. There are picnic tables inside.

Enjoy – I know it sounds more like a mission than a trip 🙂 but once you have taken care of these things and fixed your times you can sit back, play those country songs and enjoy the road trip. Once you reach there, just find a spot and sit in peace and absorb the beauty of one of the world’s largest and unique creations. And then, take a lot of pictures! 😀

Also, if you do not want to drive then bus tours are also an option. It will be more expensive as per head the charges will be minimum 80$. But yea you don’t have to take any hassles for planning and everything will be taken care of. You will get to spend about 3 hours in the park. Make sure you take the south rim tour and not west rim.

P.S. Everything I have mentioned above is in relation to going to south rim of the Grand Canyon Park.

Happy travelling.


San Diego to Las Vegas

Things to do on the drive

There are many fun things to do on this route. We actually could see only 3 because of time crunch but if you are in no hurry do check others stops too.

  1. Elmer’s tree ranch – This is my favorite. In the middle of nowhere, this guy has created a full forest of glass trees. He has made trees out of metal rods and hung glass bottles, guns, wind chimes, road signs and a lot more on to those. It was mesmerizing to see the effort he has put. We were not lucky enough to meet him though. There is no entry fees but he has kept a box to accept donations.
  2. Route 66 – Fulfill your dream to drive on the mother road ‘route 66’ by just taking a small detour from the normal route. Take the exit and cover this road from Victorville to Barstow. Also to reach the tree ranch you have to shift to this road anyways.
  3. Train Car Eateries – A rail station converted to eating and shopping joints. Pretty popular place so you will find a lot of cars stopping here. Pick up a snack or just buy some souvenirs of California and route 66. This will come as soon as you take the last Barstow exit.

These are the only things I could cover but there are a lot more stops to see. The Mormon rocks, old woman meteorite, ghost town, death valley, zzyzx road. Josh’s blog here explains all of these beautifully.

Happy travelling


San Francisco in a day

If you only have one day in SFO and especially if you are a first timer I would recommend taking one of the hop on hop off bus tours. I took the red route HOHO of big bus tours. Some people might argue that you can cover the places on your own too. I will list down the stops where I hoped off and explored so if you are up for it, can plan those spots without the bus too.

Also, it is very important to start your day early because you have lots to cover. The buses usually start at 9 am so try to catch one at the earliest. You can chose any of the stops to get on as per your stay location and buy the tickets on the bus itself. For the red route I paid 50$ per person for the single day tour.

Spots that I covered:

  1. Embarcadero Center – I started the tour from this spot. There’s a Bart stop just a few blocks away from the bus pick up point. Full of sky scrapers and large business complexes, you can see lot of suits walking around. Once you get on the bus, the commentator of the tour will tell you about various buildings and the effect of 1906 earthquake around that area. It gives a general feel of the busy and fast running city.
  2. Union square – Name any fashion label and you can find a shop here. There is a beautiful park in the center of all these shopping hubs. If you do not want to shed huge number of bills, just take a walk around the park streets, do people watching, take a cable card ride and enjoy the vibe.
  3. Haight Ashbury – The house to 1960s hippies and the birth of the hippie culture is right here. Victorian homes, high end boutiques, chic cafes, collectibles shops, anything & everything related to music shops, amazing graffiti and whatnot.
  4. Golden gate north bridge – This doesn’t need an introduction. One of SFO’s most popular spot and an engineering marvel. Take as many photos, just look at it for a while and appreciate the beauty. I was jumping with excitement when the bus went on the bridge. If you have more than one day, biking on the bridge is highly recommended. Check the video here.SF_330.JPG
  5. Pier 39 fisherman’s wharf – Another famous touristy place. This was the last stop in the last red route bus so you can get down here in the evening. Lots of restaurants along the waterfront, a little pricey though. Good for taking a walk especially with all the lights during the late hours. You can see seals down the pier. From one end it has a good view of the city bay lights. SF_479.JPG
  6. Lombard street – The crooked street you saw in one of the Hitchcock’s movies. The bus will just pass through the area so you need to hop off here to see the windy street and take some pictures.

Though the day will be pretty much done with above spots but if you still have time or planned to skip some of the above locations, here are some more that you can explore.

7. Chinatown – I think this is one of the biggest Chinatowns in the States. It is a predominant Chinese neighborhood and has lots of Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops, bars.

8. Golden gate park – This is a huge park and can easily take up half a day if you try to cover it all. It has museums, hiking and walking trails, many hidden statues. These statues are pretty interesting and you should read up about them here or any of the sites and check some of them out.

Again there’s a lot to see and you need to pick what excites you the most. Big no no to “Too much in too less.”

Happy travelling.






Vegas for first timers

“Too much to do too less time” is a near universal problem for all travelers no matter where we go. Of course, same is the case with Vegas, because it has a lot to offer. But trust me on your first trip to Vegas even if you end up doing 2 things out of that 20 items list, its going to be crazy fun! It’s Vegas baby and the vibe of this place is just amazing.

I am listing down many of the possible things to do. Don’t try to do all of it especially if you have 2-3 days but pickup what excites you the most.

Free or low budget things to do

  1. Las Vegas Strip – Just pick a tumbler, pour in your drink from the 24 hour store and walk on the strip. Las Vegas Strip is exploded with extravagant hotels/casinos where you can spend a few hours just walking and getting awed. Every hotel has a different theme and its all too beautiful. Some of the must sees are:
    • Bellagio fountain show – Bellagio is located at the heart of the strip and every 15 minutes there is an amazing fountain show right in front of it which is free to watch. Check the video here.VEGAS_0286.JPG
    • Flamingo garden – Flamingo has a small garden with lots of flamingos and some other birds including a black swan. Amidst all the gambling and lights and showbiz this little place gives a nice feeling.
    • Venetian Gondolas – Its a nice walk along the Venice – themed waterways with lots of fancy shops alongside. Hop on to one of the gondolas if you like, its a little pricey though.vegas_0598
    • Mirage Volcano show – This happens around 2 3 times a day mostly at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. These timings keep changing so check before you plan.
    • Other than these check out some brilliantly themed casinos. Caesar palace is a must one. Eiffel tower at Paris is beautiful.
  2. Drink cheap – Do not drink at the clubs. Just go sit in one of the casinos. Pick a slot machine and keep tipping the waitress to enjoy the free drinks before hitting the party. Also you can pick up drinks from any 24 hours store and pre game.

    Buy one of these cute tumblers 😀
  3. Roadside artists – Catch some of the talented artists performing on the roadside. But be sure if you stand and watch , you should tip them 🙂 Check the video here.VEGAS_0332.JPG
  4. Eat at white castle – Now its no big deal and white castle is all over United States, but if you are from outside and want to tick mark the ‘Harold & Kumar’ place from your check list then do eat at one of the joints on the strip. Plus the mini burgers are ahhmazinggg and super cheap too. Btw the one shown in movie is somewhere in Ontario.

    Happy hubby at White Castle

Time to pay up

Other things to do while in Vegas that will need you to shed out your pockets. Now there are always ways to save up on these too.

  1. Gamble – There is really no limit on this one and you have to keep a check on yourself. Decide the maximum you want to spend before you sit on one of the tables. Black jack tables usually have a minimum bet from 10$ so that might be a good place to start. For beginners, picking any one of the casinos on the strip should be fine.
  2. Las Vegas shows – They say that one of the Vegas shows is a must watch. Cirque de sal shows are one of the most popular ones but for first timers even less popular ones should be good e.g. variety show is one you can try which has a mix of all forms. Read up tripadvisor reviews of the one you are planning to watch. NEVER pay for the full ticket price for the show. Tix4Tonight have counters at multiple places on the strip and they give discounts on the tickets as high as 50%. Their counters open at 10am for that nights shows. So go stand in that queue and grab your discount.
  3. Buffets – Las vegas gets better day by day in its food. If you are in for it try out one of the buffets. Keep your stomach empty through the day to make the most out of it 😉 Buffet prices may start from minimum 50$. Some of them have discounts on Tix4Tonight too.
  4. Clubbing – Pre load and hit one of the popular clubs. Remember some of them have very strict dress code and long queues. So put up your smartest attire and be patient. Many of them will have entry charges starting from 20$ and conditions to buy minimum of 2 drinks. Ladies don’t ignore those guys standing on the streets and handing out flyers because they want more and more ladies in these clubs. So you might be lucky and get a free entry. Boys, not so much.

Other basic & hidden expenses

  • Stay – There are plenty of options to stay stating from as low as 15$ but those will be far from the strip. Strip rooms will usually start from 50$ minimum. I personally feel its worth paying for a room on the strip especially if you are there for a short trip. If you book in advance you might get some good discounts. When staying on the strip, for me it doesn’t really matter if I am staying in Caesar or some other place. Because you are hardly going to be in the room. But that’s again a personal choice.

    King room in Paris Las Vegas
  • Resort fees – don’t be surprised when the receptionist asks you to pay up a resort fee when you are checking in. This is a ‘Vegas hotels’ thing and they charge you upfront for facilities like Wi-Fi, pool, spa etc. which is not included in the hotel fees. It might be around 30$ per day. So save the shock and disappointment and factor this amount in your stay budget.
  • Rental car – Unless you are planning to visit any locations outside like canyon, lake mead, red rock, you do not need a car.

In the end whatever you decide to do, Vegas is not going to disappoint you. So don’t stress it out and have loads of fun!

Happy travelling


7 mistakes NOT to make while travelling

I am not trying to scare you but there are many things that can go wrong when travelling. Here are some of the top things that I learnt the hard way and can be controlled! 😛

  1. Pack too much – A big shout out to my pretty ladies out there. It can be a daunting task deciding what to keep and what to skip. You need the favorite dress but one is too less? What if it’s a little chilly – then I need my light hoody, shorts for going to the beach if its a sunny day, separate party clothes, day clothes and night clothes and the list goes on! DO NOT FALL FOR THAT. Especially if you are going to travel to multiple cities. Pulling those big bags up and down the metro stairs can be really frustrating. So pack less and pack wisely. Which takes us to our next point
  2. Not planning your laundry – Key to packing less is to repeat your clothes. And you don’t want to be that stinky guy in the bus. So plan your laundry. Check in advance which of your stays has the facility and plan it accordingly.
  3. Eating – Spending too much time and money on eating. When I have a long day ahead I always carry my water bottle and some munchies or snacks along. So that every time when I get a hunger pang I don’t have to go in to a place and order. My day meals are usually on the go. I prefer to spend time on meals only when meeting up friends or have some specific joints to try or maybe dinner time to just have a drink and relax after a long tiring day.
  4. Commute time – Not planning for travel and commute time in your timetable is very easy to miss. Spots that might seem close on the map and just a few blocks away might take up quite some time specially during rush hours. You don’t want to be hushing around and ending up having to cut out on what you planned.
  5. Trying to see everything –  See 2 places and enjoy them thoroughly rather than covering all those 5 spots and doing just touch and go. Always remember this thumb rule. Trying to cover too much, you are not going to enjoy it and you are going to exhaust yourself.
  6. Wrong shoes – You will walk, walk and walk all day. Make sure you pack the right shoes as per your plan. Walking shoes, trekking shoes, hiking shoes or whatever it is that you are going to do. This is one item where there shouldn’t be any compromise of comfort for style.
  7. Gadget-o-mania – Now we all want to capture the moments and make memories, but do not forget to experience and enjoy the place too. Many a times I notice as soon as people reach their destination, they start looking for the right spot or the right angle to get that perfect selfie or the shot. I do that too and yes we need that capture or want to go live on social media immediately but we simply forget to actually enjoy that place. So make the conscious decision to not take out that phone or camera for first 10 minutes and just live in the moment.

Happy travelling!